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Another great week on the antiques website, with lots of enquiries and sales coming in across a range of subjects, including, pigeon paintings, crocodile handbags, chess sets, champagne glasses, Japanese kagamibuta, furniture in the SALE and more chess sets. Just shows you what a range of antique subjects are featured on the website.

Note to self, go and find more antique chess sets!

I have also found time to photograph some of the new stock and have added these to both the antiques website and also the photography website.

There is a lovely miniature silver and enamel clock just added and I will be adding a tortoiseshell and silver carriage clock next week.

I had a lovely Jaques chess set with a wooden chess board for sale, but the client only required the chess set, so I am now able to offer this lovely board for sale on its own.

As I mentioned last week, I am looking to add a selection of photobooks to the Queen Street Photography Gallery website and I asked you to let me know if you had any you wished to dispose of.

So, great news, I have acquired 3 more this week and they are listed below, including a rare one of Abdulaziz.

I have about another 20 coming next week and I will try to add these as quickly as possible.

In the storage unit, I also have a selection of books about antiques that will be for sale and with luck I should be able to photograph these very soon and add to the antiques site.

I also have a couple of small items of antique furniture that I have found in the store and I hope to get these on the site as well next week.

I think I am going to be busy this week!

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