Glossary of Terms – V


Val-Saint-Lambert,Cristalleries du, A Belgium based principal glass factory. It was founded on the site of a monastery near Liege in 1825. Originally it produced English style glassware and later it manufactured its own Art Nouveau and Art Deco style designs.

Van Cleff & Arples A firm of jewellers founded in Paris in 1906, they were noted for their style of setting stones without the metal holds showing (called invisibly set). They also introduced the minaudiere for women, this was a decorative box that had sections so that it could hold items such as make up, money, and cigarettes.

van de Velde, Henri (1863 – 1957) A Belgian designer and architect, he was an influential practitioner and teacher of Art Nouveau styles. He founded the design group Deutscher Werkbund. His designs were simple and elegant, sparsely decorated furniture, that had parallel curves earlier and elongated angular shapes later, as well as porcelain for Meissenm and Jewellery and metalwork.

Vandyke rim A scalloped border on glassware or ceramics named from the pointed lace collars that were seen in portraits of the English court and were by the Flemish artist Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599 – 1641).

vargueno A 19th Century Spanish term for 16th – 17th Century drop front desk resting on a chest or trestle stand and elaborately inlaid decorated.