Glossary of Terms – Y


yataghan A sword that has a blade with a double curve and large curled grips on the hilt.

yew A softwood, the timber of this British native species is very strong. The wood is golden brown in tone and close grained, it polishes to a fine tone, the wood is usually beautifully figured, and the trunks tend to twist. It is a popular choice for the framework of country made furniture since the 16th and 17th Century, the latter for turned drawer knobs and spindles. In the 18th Century
sticks, bows and legs of the best quality Windsor chairs were of Yew. Knotted Burr wood was also used as veneer and these were favoured by the 20th Century artist such as Ernest Gimsom and Sir Gordon Russell.

yingqing With Ding ware, one of the earliest Chinese porcelain wares, dating from the Song dynasty (960 – 279) ‘yingquing’ (misty blue) referring to the translucent blue glaze, formerly known as qingbai. They are mainly bowls and survive today having been
dug up from burial grounds. They have been reproduced in Hong Kong and Tawian.

Yixing Chinese potteries specialising in red stoneware. The products, in particular teapots, were exported to Europe in the 17th Century. They inspired the likes of Meissen and the Elers brothers in England from the late 17th Century.