If you wish to find one of the best selections of antique, tradional or contemporay art for sale in the UK then look no further than Richard Gardner Antiques website based in the Emsworth showroom in Hampshire, England.

There you will find an amazing selection of watercolour and oil artworks, covering many subjects, such as marine, coastal, shipping, landscapes, portaits, genre, farming, and many animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, ducks. There is also a choice of still lifes and city views, especially, London, Portsmouth, Venice and Paris to name a few. There are also a number of female nude paintings on the site to choose from and occassionally a number of photographs.

Richard is always on the look out for other subjects, such as, micro mosaic pictures, lithographs and etchings, folk art, feather pictures, porcelain plaques, portrait miniatures,prints, samplers and silk work.

The website and showroom are also home to a great selection of etchings and paintings by William Wyllie, so always check here first if this is the artist of choice for you.

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