Richard Gardner Antiques are pleased to have been selling Wiulliam Wyllie etchings and paintings since moving into their Petworth showrooms over 20 years ago.

Richard is from Portsmouth, which is where William Wyllie settled at the end of his career and produced many works of the area, and I think this is where his interest in him started. This combined with a love of the black and white image, including Wyllies etchings, was love at first sight.

We always have an extensive selection of the etchings for sale, including examples of the River Thames in London, the Thames estuary, many London scenes such as The Houses of Parliment, The Tower of London, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, St Pauls cathedral, to name a few.

We also have many examples of his work of the Solent and Portsmouth, with shipping and yachts in the Solent, Royal Navy ships in both the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour, with many examples of HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

William Wyllie was a prolific artist and a commercial one at that, and as such produced many works throughout his lifetime with a variety of subjects which would be to many to list here.

We try to get both oil paintings by William Wyllie as well as watercours when available, so it is always worthwhile to check the website to see our current selection of Wyllies work.


William Lionel Wyllie RA

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