This section carries an amazing selection of all sorts of boxes and related items, including antique artists boxes usually complete with contents. Antique backgammon boards which will sometimes also double up as chess boards. Various antique folders for both books and stationery. Antique book presses are a favourite of mine and I try to have at least one available. Antique card cases come in all materials and you can normally find silver, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and carved wood examples on the site.

I do like antique caskets and again you will normally find one or two examples available. As you will find some antique cigar or humidor boxes to see and buy. Antique decanter boxes are always popular and I try to have some available, but it is becoming harder to find good examples now. Antique drawing instrument ases are a favourite with both travelling examples in shagreen and leather available together with the larger examples in boxes, some of which were presentation gifts.

I have always had a good collection of antique dressing cases or vanity cases as they are sometimes referred to, and I would think our current selection is the best available in the world.

I do like small antique enamel boxes and try to buy these whenever possible, as I also do the small antique etui boxes as long as they are complete with all their contents.

Antique games boxes are popular still today and I will try have some available to offer you.

Ivory boxes have always featured on the site, but with the upcoming ban on the sale of ivory I will sadly have to stop offering these wonderful antique examples.

There is always a strong demand for antique jewellery boxes, but it is difficult to find these. Whereas the number of antique cutlery or knife boxes availble is always strong, but difficult to find complete with all their contents. A ladies favourite is the antique manicure boxes as you will see by the number of nail bars popping up all over the country, they love doing their nails.

Antique mother-of-pearl boxes come in all shapes and sizes, such as the violin shape currently on the website. These, together with antique scent boxes and bottles are highly collectable and I try to have some in stock at all times.

Another collectable favourite is anything to do with sewing and I will always have antique sewing boxes in stock, especially if they are complete with all their contents.

Antique snuff boxes have a fascination for collectors and I will see if I can locate fine examples. Whereas antique strong boxes are not collectable but are still great fun to own.

I love to own antique table cabinets and have been lucky enough to own some very rare examples over the years. But antique tobacco boxes don’t have the same appeal, so do not normally have any available, but you never know.

Antique treen covers such a wide range of items and I will always have something that slots into this category. Whereas I would always have some antique Tunbridge Ware to show you. Antique wheeled coasters are great fun and I still use mine on the dning table for cheeses and crackers.

Lastly, antique writing boxes or slopes as they are sometimes called are normally available in the showroom or website and I have always been fascinated by these, indeed it was one of the first types of box that I collected.

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