If you are looking for an antique backgammon board for sale, then you should check out Richard Gardner Antiques who have a small showroom in Emsworth, UK, or their amazing website which can be accessed from around the world.

They always have examples of antique backgammon boards in stock and if you cannot see one you like, then they will do their hardest to find one for you.

Antique backgammon boards come in many forms, from large 17th & 18th century folding wooden boards from Germany and other European countries.
Excetional flding chess and backgammon boards from China with most examples being in decorated lacquer. From India we get the finest sadeli work examples, together with ivory and wooden examples.

If you need something more substantial than a backgammon board, then you can move up to the many examples that were made as tables, with both the English and continental makers coming up with a variety of examples.

The French made many antique Tric Trac tables, which normally are reversible and removable allowing access to the recessed interior of a stunning backgammon table.

The English tended to produce smaller antique games tables, which again had removable tops allowing access to the backgammon well.

So, as I say, if you can’t find the antique backgammon board or table you are looking for, let me know and I will try and locate one for you.



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