We have had many examples of antique card cases over the years.

The first one I fell in love with was a leather example and I used that for a few years to carry my credit cards in. I eventually sold this and then found a lovely vintage silver example that had been pressed to look like crocodile skin and I still have this today.

Some of these smaller examples of antique card cases are ideal today to carry three or four credit cards and you will always get lots of comments when people see them. They make great presents and are worth keeping your eyes open for them.

There are also larger examples made in a vast selection of materials, including silver card cases, mother of pearl card cases, Indian and Chinese carved wood card case, torotoiseshell card cases, carved ivory card cases and many more.

These have proved to be very collectable over the years, with the beauty of not taking a lot of room and that you can handle them to enjoy the intricancy of the the workmanship. 


Card case

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