Antique caskets come in all shapes and sizes and could also be called antique boxes as they are similar in design and use.

Over the years I have had many different examples of antique caskets in stock, but one of the best is currentl on my website and is by Karl Roessler and is in tortoiseshell with enamel panels, silver decoration and enamelled columns, an exceptional example.

Also on the site at the moment are examples of antique carved wooden caskets, silver plated caskets and inlaid wooden caskets. Over the years I have also had some stunning antique ivory caskets from both India and Europe, silver examples from around the world, many carved wooden examples and others.

Antique caskets can best be described as elaborate boxes that usually will have some form of decoration, being either carving, inlay, elaborate casting.

So if you are searching for antique caskets that are for sale, then check out my website which is based in the Emsworth showroom in the UK.



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