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If you are looking to find antique drawing instrument boxes or cases for sale in the UK, then please visit Richard Gardner Antiques website or arrange to see him in the Emsworth showroom.

I have always had an interest in all types of antique boxes, including those that contain antique drawing instuments. Possibly stemming from my love of technical drawing at school and having my own cased set then.

There are two distinct types that I seem to sell and these include what are condidered to be antique travelling cased sets which are normally covered in shagreen, which is very hard wearing. If possible I like to get these when they are complete and sometimes come with an inscription as to who they were given to.

The other style is the traditional antique box, with a complete set of tools which would have been used in the office or study. Many of these were given as gifts when perhaps qualifying or presented as prizes, such as the example currently on the site given to William Meade-King.

Remember, if you are looking to buy an antique example, visit us first.


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