Richard Gardner Antiques has always prided itself on having one of the best selections of antique dressing, vanity or travelling cases for sale in the world for sale in its showrooms and on its website.

Here you will find some of the rarest models made by the leading makers of the day, but also ones made for Royalty, aristoctricy, wealthy clients and the general public.

Makers of these amazing antique boxes include, Aspreys, Aucoc in Paris, Thornhill, Garrards, Jenner & Knewstub, West, Wilson & Co and Leuchars and you can find examples of these for sale on the site.

These antique travelling cases reflect the time of oppulence in the 19th century, when it was becoming normal to travel and visit friends and associates and these cases were a way of showing your wealth and standing to your hosts.

The sheer quality and skill that went into these cases has to be seen to be believed and it is worth while spending some time going through the site to see the many examples that we have on show.

Dressing /Vanity / travelling cases

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