You can always find a small selection of antique enamel boxes for sale in the UK on the website of Richard Gardner Antiques which is based in Emsworth, England.

Antique enamel boxes come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colour and decoration. Probably to many to list here!

You can find enamel pill boxes, enamel card cases, enamel cigarette cases, enamel powder compacts, enamel trinket boxes, enamel boxes for keeping items in.

These make wonderful Christmas and birthday gifts for both men and women, with the smaller examples making a great collection and the larger examples looking great on display.

This explains what enamel is and how it is achieved.  A smooth, glassy, protective or decorative medium that can be fused onto a metal, glass or ceramic surface by firing. Enamel colours are made out of powdered glass and pigmented metallic oxides such as gold, copper and manganese suspended in an oily medium. This can be painted onto glass or ceramic objects, and during firing, the oily medium burns away and the others fuse together. In enamelware, coloured enamel pastes are applied to a metal body by various techniques and then fired. In basse-taille (low relief) enamelling, a design is carved on the body and the whole area is covered with one or more layers of translucent enamels. In champlevé enamelling, the ground is cut away and the hollows filled with the enamel paste, leaving the raised areas free. In cloisonné enamelling,

Enamel boxes

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