If you are looking to find antique jewellery boxes for sale in the UK, then go to the website of Richard Gardner Antiques, who are based in Emsworth in Hampshire, England.

It is very difficult to find antique jewellry boxes for sale and most that you see available are converted from other uses. The most popular being the converted dressing case.

I try not to buy or sell these converted boxes, but only boxes that would have been made for this purpose or that can be used for this purpose without ajustment.

At present I do have a lovely French example covered in crocodile skin and would have been used as an antique travelling jewellry box or case. I also have a carved Black Forest box which could be used as a jewellry box, although there is not much space for storage.

One of the most popular pieces that I sell that can be used as a jewellry box are the miniature chest of drawers, which only need to be lined. These can either be the smaller examples if the person doesn’t have a large amount of jewellry, up to the larger pieces for those that have a large collection.

If you are looking for an antique jewellry box for a Christmas or birthday present, then please contact me and I will see what is available.

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