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If you are trying to find antique knife or cutlery boxes for sale in the UK then please look at the website of Richard Gardner Antiques who are based in Emsworth, England. They will normally have a number of examples in stock.

The antique cutlery box came into prominence during the Georgian period and were designed to sit on the sideboard or side cabinet in the dining room and were expected to carry the cutlery that would be needed for serving a dinner. These could include knifes and forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, serving spoons, carving knifes and forks, serving spoons, etc.

Not all of the boxes would carry the complete range, but it was quite common that these boxes were supplied in pairs and could therefore have an extensive choice inside. I have even seen sets consisting of four boxes which would have been for the larger, more palatial homes.

Ideally, it would be lovely to find the cutlery boxes complete with all its original contents, but this is very hard to achieve and I am pleased to find those that are even partially complete. The cutlery would normally have Ivory handles and would normally have been made with silver.

At a later period, these type of boxes changed to what we would call canteens of cutlery and were made for for the booming middle classes who also liked to entertain and show of that they also had a set of matching cutlery.

Most of the Georgian examples are made in mahogany, sometimes with small feet and occassionally with applied metal mounts.

I still think these look lovely on display in the dining room, whether complete or not.

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