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If you are looking to find antique manicure boxes for sale in the UK, then look at the website of Richard Gardner Antiques who are based in Emsworth, Hampshire in Southern England.

It is not easy to find antique manicure boxes as such, as these were not made in great numbers,many manicure items were made loose to put onto your dressing table or in a drawer. But some sets were put into a box, such as the exceptional set I currently have for sale on the website by Callows of Mayfair.

I have also had other sets in boxes and the contents are usually made with tortoiseshell.

The boxes normally contain scissors, nail buffers, tools for cuticles, possibly pots for creams and other tools.

It is also possible to find smaller travlling manicure sets and I do have these in stock from time to time. 

Manicure boxes

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