If you wish to find one of the best selections of antique sewing boxes for sale in the UK, then look no further than Richard Gardner Antiques website based at his Emsworth showroom in Hampshire, England.

There you will find examples in all formats and materials, including exotic woods, mahogany, rosewood, maple, coromandel, satinwood, burr yew, to name a few, many examples in ivory, gilt metal etc.

They come in all shapes and sizes such as in the form of a piano, a miniature chest of drawers, a miniature sewing table, sarcophagus shaped, many forms of travelling boxes.

The examples sold by Richard Gardner Antiques are nearlly alway complete with the original selection of tools, such as scissors, needles, button hooks, thimbles, needle cases, many in mother of pearl, sometimes in silver and more rarely in gold. The larger boxes will also carry a number of cotton reel holders and a more extensive selection of sewing tools.

There are many makers of fine sewing boxes and Richard Gardner Antiques will always include a number of examples by probably the best, Palais Royal, in Paris and the French did make some exquisite examples. This is not to say the English lacked behind as you can see from those available and we also imported a good number from India.

Some of the more exceptional Palais Royal examples also contained miniature music boxes, which are always in working order when sold.

So if you like to collect sewing boxes of all shapes and sizes, a visit to the website of Richard Gardner Antiques is a must.

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