If you wish to find one of the best selections of antique chess sets, chess boards or backgammon boards on sale in the UK, then visit Richard Gardner Antiques website or their Emsworth showroom in Hampshire, England.

They have an extensive selection of some of the finest and rarest chess sets currently avaialble, including examples in ivory, wood, silver, bone and sandalwood. Some of sets include rare Chinese George III sets, Napoleon sets, Richard Whitty club sets, many Jaques Staunton sets,  sets from Vizagapatham, India, Calvert club sets, many miniature or travelling sets, figural carved sets, mainly Indian or Chinese.

Amongst the many chess boards available are Grand Tour marble boards, both loose and set into tables, many wooden examples, some which fold with one sdie for chess and the other for backgammon. You will also find unusual chess boards, for example some are painted onto glass.

Amongst the selection, you can also find a number of games boxes which will normally always include a chess set, a folding chess and backgammon board, together with the backgammon counters.

You can also find early 17th century folding wooden backgammon boards with chess boards on the reverse. We are also always looking for sets of backgammon counters in either ivory or wood.

Chess clocks, paintings and prints are also keenly sought, so always worth checking back.

Chess sets / Backgammon

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