If you wish to find one of the best selections of antique singing birds, both in cages and boxes, together with cylinder and disc music boxes, for sale in the UK, then look no further than Richard Gardner Antiques website based in the Emsworth showroom in England.

There you will find a selection of singing birds in cages, from the small to the large, some with one bird and others with two or even three birds. Cages come in all shapes with the most common being the circular brass examples, but you will also find square cages, some decorated with enamel panels and rarer examples of the penny in the slot cage (these were used in shops and therefore suffered a much harder life). Makers include Bontems, Ken D Company, Karl Greisbaum, to name a few.

We also have a selection of singing bird boxes, which when operating the lever, the bird pops out of the box, moves ans sings his song before disappearing back into the box. These come in a large variety of materials, including gold, silver, silver gilt, brass, tortoiseshell, painted enamel panels, gilt bronze and some are decorated with jewels and diamonds. Makers include Bruguier, Bontems and Greisbaum.

You will also see a selection of antique cylinder and disc music boxes, from the very small examples up to the large examples that sit on tables and have interchangable barrels. You can find cylinder boxes with orchestral movements including bells and drums, sublime harmony examples can also be found. Makers of these marvellous pieces include Momopol, Polypon, Nicole Freres, Britannia, Bremond, Haller and Paillard.

We also search for unusual examples of musical boxes, such as Black Forest decanter boxes, Palais Royal sewing boxes and anything else we can see. 

Singing Birds / Music Boxes

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