If you wish to find one of the best selections of antique tortoiseshell and silver items for sale in the UK, then look no further than Richard Gardner Antiques website based in their Emsworth showrooms in Hampshire, England.

There you will see an amazing selection of pieces, many with silver applique work, some with mother of pearl and occassionally gold.

Works by the top makers, such as William Comyns, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths and Asprey’s can be found for sale.

The range of items is also anazing, with many items for the desk, such as, blotters, stationery boxes, ink bottles, desk stands, trays, pen stands, desk clips for papers and much more. Many other pieces were made for the dressing room, such as hair brushes and combs, a variety of trinket boxes, trays, small jars for cotton wool and manicure sets. For other rooms who will find menu holders for the dining room, cigar lighters for the study, photograph frames for everywhere, cased sets of cut-throat razors, snuff boxes and much more.

So if you like antique toroiseshell items as much as I do, then look no further than Richard Gardner Antiques. 


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