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SKU: PB7504/0121


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Austrian, (1873 – 1937)




Late 19th century
Signed H Muller
Height: 9¾ inches / 24.7 cm
Width: 8½ inches/ 21.6 cm
Stock number: PB7504/0121
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A lovely bronze figure of Europa and the bull, signed by H Muller, all on a rectangular marble base.


Europa, in Greek mythology, the daughter either of Phoenix or of Agenor, king of Phoenicia. The beauty of Europa inspired the love of Zeus, who approached her in the form of a white bull and carried her away from Phoenicia to Crete. There she bore Zeus three sons: Minos, ruler of Crete; Rhadamanthys, ruler of the Cyclades Islands; and, according to some legends, Sarpedon, ruler of Lycia. She later married Asterius, the king of Crete, who adopted her sons, and she was worshipped under the name of Hellotis in Crete, where the festival Hellotia was held in her honour.


Hans Muller (Austrian, 1873-1937) Hans Muller was born in Vienna, Austria on January 10, 1873. He was a pupil of Edward Hellmmer at the Vienna Academe of Art. Although he is probably best known for his portraits and sculptural busts of the famous in Viennese society, he did create figurative sculptures as well as animals, mostly of hunting dogs. There is not too much known about Hans Muller or that has been written about this very talented Austrian artist other than the many works he has produced. Many of his sculptural pieces are on permanent display in the Simu Museum in Bucharest, Hungary. Hans Muller was a graduate of the academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where he studied under Edmund von Hellmer. After World War I he was entrusted with the construction of the memorial pieces honoring those who gave their lives during the war.