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What a very strange week it has been for the antiques business!

Lots of enquiries and sales made, but all from and to America.

Is there something going on that I don’t know about?

I still have a number of antique pieces left in the sale and have included some photographs to remind you of some of the great furniture items that are available at fantastic prices. Have a quick look and see if there is anything that will fill that space you have available. You never know!

I have also included a number of new antique items that seem to have missed being added before, especially a number of vintage and antique prints.

Hopefully, one of these might be just what you have been looking for.

I think that is me nearly caught up with new stock, perhaps just the odd new piece. So next week I will be working in the store, tidying up and putting the new stock in their crates. A busy week and one I have been putting off, but I will be happy once it has all been done.

I will also be doing some work on both the antique and photography websites and keep trying to find the perfect place to hold the exhibition of the photographs.

I might even find time to breathe!

Last weekend, we found time to visit London again and paid a visit to the British Museum.

Somewhere I haven’t been to for many years.

Had a great time, especially looking at the Egyptian, Greek and Roman displays. There is so much to see, that we only had chance to do a quick tour of the other galleries, so will plan a trip back later in the year.

We also managed to get out and have a drink or to, together with a little dance1

Back at college now, on the photography course, and have started the five week editing lessons. I have always used Paintshop Pro to do stock images, but am having to use Lightroom in college, so a bit of a challenge. Also, I use a PC at home, but a Mac at college, so another learning experience.

I am starting to think about a photography project that I will need to complete soon for the next section of my course and am thinking of going down to Old Portsmouth, where we have a small harbour for fishermen and their boats. Have been down today to scout it out and think I will find it interesting and hopefully I will be able to get some great photos.

I’ll let you know.

Not sure what we are doing this weekend, perhaps dancing, as there aren’t any bands playing.

I hope you all find something interesting to do and have a great weekend.

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